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Hi Carol,

Thank you, it was fab,

I couldn’t recommend the hotel highly enough and being in Disney with the kids was
a memory never to be forgotten.

As they say in Disney, have a magical day xxx
Thank You!
From Mr R

Hiya Carol,

We had the most amazing time.
The head concierge looked after us to such an extent that even when he went on annual leave after a week of us being there he insisted that we still contact him on his personal mobile if we needed anything. We did and he sorted everything even getting a free club upgrade for our friends.
Fab Holiday
Hi Carol

Just getting over jetlag!!!

Just wanted to say we had a fab holiday in Mexico at the Excellence Riviera.

It was a great resort, the people were so lovely. The weather was great and it was so relaxing.

Our room was perfect, it was a fantastic getaway.

Thanks for recommending and organising.

Praise to Atlantis
Mr H -
Having recently debarked from a Silversea cruise sailing to Asia, we cannot praise Atlantis enough for changing and securing our flights home when all around us passengers were not able to find availability and suitable classes on flights. Atlantis literally worked all weekend following out whereabouts and tracking where the cruise would end up. Finally we debarked in Bangkok and Atlantis secured a flight back within 1 hour of debarking – no extra charges or stress at all! Thank you so much.
So Happy
Mr T – Edinburgh
I have booked my Silversea cruise through Atlantis but flights independently. Cruise itinerary changed and I managed to change flights myself, however if it was not for Atlantis fighting our case and taking over we would not have received a refund of our out of pocket expenses.

Worked Magic
Mr C – London
I booked a back to back cruise through Atlantis and unfortunately had to cancel when I fell ill close to sailing. Unfortunately, I was having complications with my insurance company and Atlantis liaised closely with my wife and worked magic. They managed to get by money back on one cruise due to their close relationship with the cruise line and assisted with us with our insurance company to obtain the refund on the other.
Very Happy Customer

Mr C – Suffolk
It is not many times you can count getting a phone call to say that the cruise holiday you have booked has come down in price and that your Agent has actively secured this lower fare. That is exactly the phone call I received today and I am overjoyed. It is something I did not think we could do and having an Agent who has our back is quite unique!
Morning Carol,

Must say our room is fabulous. The decking and direct access to the beach is perfect and Richard says he wants this every time in the future. Happy husband = happy wife = happy life!! 😅😂😘

Thank you so much for arranging the upgrade it’s definitely made a huge difference to our time here.

Will pop in and see you when we’re back and fill you in on the whole trip.

Sharon xxxx

Dear Ruth,
Thank you very much for this important ‘heads up’ (I think this is the modern lingo?) AND for arranging our Australian visas required for the next voyage.
This support is very much appreciated and confirms our believe that, with Atlantis. we are in the best possible cruise agency hands.
Again our thanks.
Kindest regards,
Robert and STELLA
Thank You
Hi Karen
Thought I would touch base with you on our return from our cruise. Thank you for your recommendation to travel with Oceania. It is exactly what we were looking for. Both Helen and I were impressed with the standard of their cuisine. All transfers and other arrangements made by you went without a hitch and we would like to personally thank you for your professional dedication to ensuring
Our Cruise was a success. Thank you once again for your kind attention. You are a credit to your profession.

Speak soon and kind regards. Mr and Mrs J.
John Treharne
Just thought you should know what a fantastic job that Carol and her team did for our family party of 13!

We've just had the most fantastic time in Disneyworld followed by an excellent week in Sarasota.

Many thanks!

Good morning Carol

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and Suzanne for a great trip to Marrakesh. I found the whole service to be excellent and the hotel was fantastic! Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants the Riad style 5 star hotel right in the centre of Medina.

Would definitely book via you again 

Oh wow Suzi, that's such a lovely gesture, am gobsmacked at the extra mile you have gone, really am touched, he would love that, he's a big fan of chocolate cake and I was going to see if I could get one when I am out there 😊

Thank you for answering all questions, Brilliant re the booking of seats for return, I'll leave that completely to you Ladies 😊

Thank you once again, have a lovely weekend and that Jacki of mine certainly did a good thing of telling me about you guys. 👍

Take care

Excellent service
Dear Karen,

I would like to once again thank you Karen so much for your excellent telephone manner. You are obviously someone who really loves her job and making your clients feel that nothing is too much trouble.

Kindest regards

Maria Cooper
Our Mykonos Holiday
Dear Carol

Just a note to say a 'big' thank you for all of your work to make our Mykonos holiday possible for us.

We had a great holiday and the weather was perfect!

Thank you.

Laura and Dale
Excellent and efficient service from Atl ...
We have just returned from our holiday in California and Maine which was organised by Sabrina last year.

I thought I would drop you a quick line to say how much we enjoyed ourselves due, in no small part to the efficiency of the organisation and the schedule prepared on our behalf.

Everywhere we went to "check in", we were greeted with a smile, a click of a keyboard and the production of keys, seats and motor cars.

We were blessed with fine weather for 90% of the trip and when it did rain it was "warm" rain which is always tolerable.

All in all a very good holiday - thanks again to all of your team that made it possible.

Mr Pashley
Sheraton Fuerteventura - a very well run ...
Thank you Carol for booking our holiday, you were brilliant. The hotel was great, lovely staff, amazing buffet at the hotel for breakfast and dinner, a very well run hotel. 7 nights in a Deluxe Room and it was just perfect.

Jeffrey Peskin
Thank you Atlantis
Dear Melvyn

I will most certainly contact you again as I was very impressed by your/Karen's service and in particular your prices!

Kind regards

Mrs Layton
Grand Hotel Vesuvio, Sorrento
@atlantisluxury I cannot thank you enough for helping us book this incredible hotel!

Best wishes

Charlotte W

Our adventure to Svalbard in the North A ...
My daughter and I have just returned from an Atlantis organised adventure to Svalbard in the North Arctic Ocean.

Having done our research we went in mid June for the best opportunities to see our prime objective, the Polar Bear.

Following an overnight stop in Oslo we caught a flight north to Longyearbyen, Svalbard, where we boarded our ship, an ice breaker called "The M/S Expedition" which accommodated some 100 guests together with their 70 crew and expedition support teams.

From Longyearbyen we headed north into the midnight sun searching the horizon 24/7 looking for the elusive polar bear. It took 3 days and nights before we spotted our first bear. It was 1.30am in the morning at 80.6 degrees north, 90 miles from the nearest land or the edge of the pack ice. This amazing predator was hunting seals and we had the privilege of watching. Thankfully from a safe distance and from the security of our ship.

With only an estimated 3,000 left in the wild this was very special, we went on to see two more of during the remainder of the week. As dangerous as they are, at 400kg and 3m tall, covering 100m in 6.5 seconds, you just have to admire them.

On the occasions we went ashore in zodiacs a scout party, armed with rifles, always had to go ahead first to ensure no polar bears were in the area.

In addition to the polar bears we were lucky enough to see a number of whales and even on one occasion a rare blue whale, the largest living mammal on the planet at around 50m. Reindeer and a herd of walrus which were all sighted and photographed from a safe and respectful distance.

The trip wasn't without fun as well, the evening entertainment in the bar was always good with both guests and crew joining in with a dance and a good sing along with Adam the resident musician on the piano.

More fun awaited us on the day they suggested we do a polar plunge at 80 degrees north !, not being one to refuse a challenge my daughter and I both went for it!, with water at 1 deg C believe me it was a very quick dip, in and out !

On the occasions when we were not ashore or on wildlife watch we had lectures to capture the imagination on many topics, wildlife, photography, the arctic history and geology. All were extremely interesting and educational

A wonderful trip, very professionally organised by great people who knew exactly how to make this adventure of a lifetime, safe and extremely enjoyable

Mike & Camilla White - Chigwell
Hotel Grand, Mykonos excellent holiday
Dear Melvyn, Sharon and Ruth,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers that you sent us for our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

We had such a wonderful time in the Hotel Grand in Mykonos, we can't wait to go back.

The owners and staff were brilliant, they served us dinner on the beach and made us a 'Beef Wellington' especially.

Thank you so much.

Anita and Maurice
Minerva Cruise
Dear Katie

Thank you so much for organizing our Minerva Cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip which was made even more memorable due to the care and attention you paid to our wishes.

Kind regards

Mr and Mrs Bates
Barbados holiday
Dear Carol,

I just wanted to drop you a line to confirm that we had a super time in Barbados. Crystal Cove was a really nice little resort and it was just what we were looking for in a holiday.

Thank you so much for arranging it for us.

Best regards

Japan 2015
Hello Carol,

We're back! We had a really fantastic holiday and everything went so smoothly and without a single hitch. Please pass on our thanks to the Japanese travel company. Everything was as they wrote in our itinerary, directions to places were spot on, and the tempura restaurant was superb.

But I do have done feedback for you - as always.... I hope you find it useful.

The first hotel in Tokyo, the Park Hotel, was a nice hotel, with nice views, a good sized room, and nice breakfast. Nothing special, but nice. Toiletries were lovely, staff were friendly and it felt slightly boutique-y even though it was quite a big hotel.

We took the recommended train to Hakone, but given the strict 3:00 check-in time for the hotel there it may have been better to have got a later train and have a more leisurely breakfast at the hotel in a Tokyo and check out later. One for the tour company. We arrived at the hotel at around midday and were politely shown the door and told to come back at 3:00. No real problem but we were in "travel" mode with stuff packed away in suitcases so not really geared up for a day out. But once we were allowed in, the hotel in Hakone was a real treat. The dinner menu was amazing, and on the second evening they even produced an English translation of the menu, as pretty as the Japanese menu they prepared each day. The baths and hot rocks and Japanese rooms and clothes made this place feel so calm and relaxed.

The hotel in Kyoto was also a joy. Mume is in a very pretty little Kyoto townhouse, very close to the old Gion streets, yet far enough away to be relaxing. The staff were completely bonkers, very lovely but slightly over attentive, which Simon and I found very entertaining, but reading some of the reviews of the hotel on TripAdvisor it seems to have annoyed many people. There are only 7 rooms so I guess the staff can afford to spend time chatting too long to everyone! The room was lovely and the hospitality was second to none. But because you had to ring the doorbell to get into the hotel, you always had to have an exchange with a member of staff who would quiz you on what you had done that day and what you were planning to do next, with the intention of being helpful but it was exhausting! And then they would draw you into the lounge for drinks - which were all complimentary! Bizarre but in a lovely bonkers way.

The travel instructions to Hiroshima were very easy to follow, no problems at all.

We didn't like the second hotel in Tokyo, it was just as big, anonymous and bland a business hotel as I had feared it would be. The view from the room was very nice but it isn't enough to make recommend it to anyone. The facilities in the room were really basic, the bathroom toiletries were really basic and it was a slight disappointment after the loveliness of Hakone and Kyoto. I didn't really like it at all. It's purely functional, which is all you need in Tokyo really because you are out and about all day, but it just didn't have the relaxed vibe when you came back in at the end of a long day in Tokyo's buzz. But maybe we were just in a negative frame of mind because it was our last stop and we were depressed about ending our lovely holiday.

Thanks again for another super holiday.

Our most enjoyable California holiday
Dear Sirs

We have just returned from our holiday to California which was organised by Sabrina last year.

I thought I would drop you a quick line to say how much we enjoyed ourselves, due in no small part, to the efficiency of the organisation and the schedule prepared on our behalf.

Everywhere we went to "check in", we were greeted with a smile, a click of a keyboard and the production of keys, seats and motor cars.

We were blessed with fine weather for 90% of the trip and when it did rain it was 'warm' rain.

All in all a very good holiday - thank you again to all of your team that made it possible.


Mr Pashley
Sandy Lane Resort and Silversea Cruise
Hello Karen

Happy new year to you too.

I did mean to contact you before Christmas but time ran away with me!

We had a fabulous time thank you, both Sandy Lane and Silversea surpassed our expectations and were outstanding in every aspect. Every part of the holiday went without a hitch and we were very grateful to you and the team at Atlantis for organising every detail for us. We will keep an eye open for future offers and deals!

Thank you.

South Africa holiday
Dear Carol,
We had a fantastic time. Londolozi of course very familiar and will keep coming back. Next time we will skip Saxon (also great as we knew) and go straight. Tongabezi quirky but terrific. Warm, very service oriented and food very, very good. We did helicopter, micro-light planes, bunge jumping (boys), devil's pool, etc. Kinondo Kwetu (home away from home in Swahili is exactly that). 80% Swedes but cool with us.
Thanks for all your help.
Thailand trip
Good morning from Thailand. Big thanks to Melvyn & Carol @atlantisluxury for organising our amazing trip.

Kind regards

Queen Mary 2 - 22 December 2014
Dear Karen,

Thank you again , its refreshing to deal with you and Atlantis, efficient and honourable, be sure to eat lots of caca in 2014!

Thanks and regards

India trip - we are having the time of o ...
Oh Carol - what have you done to us?

Just arrived in Udaipur via the jet. Unbelievable! We are scared for our lives.

However, I am worried that the fat little native boy is going to eat my cheetos

Thanks for everything.

David and Liz(ard)
Atlantis Chigwell, excellent service
Dear Karen

Many thanks, much appreciated. Another example of why we book with Atlantis and recommend you to all of our friends and fellow passengers!

Kind regards

Oceania Cruises Riviera - excellent food ...
Thanks Katie, I am currently sorting out my papers for the cruise, which really was a great success.

I was concerned that our grandchildren might not have enjoyed the ship as it is reputedly not child friendly, I am delighted to say that they loved every minute and every feature of the "Riviera" and being August there were other children on board.

The food on the ship was first class, amongst the best we have had on any cruise with plenty of choice at the speciality restaurants as well as an excellent main dining room.

The accommodation again first class.

Mrs K
Excellent Service Atlantis team
Hi Karen

Many thanks, the cruise book arrived at dead on 1pm, plus information on Visa for Turkey and details about booking free coach travel from Heathrow to Gatwick.

Fortunately had organised the first and didn’t need the second. As always you and your team have gone the extra mile and John and I are extremely grateful. I bet you can’t wait to receive our next booking with Swan Hellenic.

Kind regards
Oceania Cruises Insignia Cruise. Home ag ...
Thank you, Ruth, for organising the Insignia Oceania Cruise, we appreciated all your help.

We all really had a great time, the weather was very kind, so no need for the piles of seasick tabs that we took with us.

We all loved the cruise line, the food and accommodation were excellent, and we look forward to picking up the 2015 brochure for the next one.

Kind regards,

Excellent Customer Service
Hi Melvyn

I am in the middle of organizing my honeymoon and I have been dealing with Carol at Atlantis.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful she has been and how happy I am with her service and help. She has got back to me promptly and kept me informed of every aspect of helping me and my fiancee arrange an amazing trip. I can't wait to finalise details and hopefully book.

I always like to hear compliments about our team so thought you would too :-)

Kindest Regards

Thank you for your very efficient help
Dear Karen

Just to thank you for all your very efficient help, in an unfinished office, this morning!!

I always prefer to do these things in person, and not have to wait for phone calls back etc.

Ms Fine
Thank you for your service AND the consi ...

Thank you for your service AND the considerable saving.!!

Look forward to seeing itinerary in due course

Appreciated your courtesy……


Thank you for organising our perfect cru ...
Dear Katie,

We came back on Sunday morning form our long cruise/holiday booked with you. Everything went perfectly from start to finish, even the weather!

Florida we expected to be good and it was, but the cruise itself was marvellous, even around Cape Horn the sea was smooth.

Thank you so much for all the time and trouble you put into organising this trip for us.

With warm regards,

Mauritius Holiday
We returned from Mauritius last week after having had a great holiday. All the arrangements worked out perfectly and we just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. Also the Residence hotel which you recommended was superb and we would have no hesitation in suggesting that you recommended to other clients. The setting, service, friendliness of staff and all aspects were excellent.

We hope to return next year and will contact you when the the time comes.

Best wishes

Thank you to the Atlantis team
Please give Katie a big hug from me and thank her most sincerely for all her help with our last Cruise.. Hotel in Barcelona was excellent and the staff really helpful... The Flights were on time and the seats were good..

Kind regards

Mrs H
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